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Car purchase or selling services 

Our strength is the experience and deep knowledge for vehicles and cars.

Our team consists of long experienced (more than 20 years) development engineers and vehicle Meister. We are authorized car dealer and we are member of Handwerkskammer Stuttgart, thus authorized repair and service company for exclusive cars.

  • Consulting Service for purchase and sale of cars
  • registration, bringing into service, selection of suitable insurance
  • pick-up service directly from customer, bringing car back to customer
  • Export/Import of exclusive and historic vehicles
  • providing of very seldom spare-parts
  • Special guides for car-enthusiats like, vehicle production, car-tuners, or special car events
  • Professional car service and repairing
  • authorized dealer for BBS rims


Handwerkskammer Region Stuttgart

COS Services

JP services in Stuttgart

car regular inspections

TUV inspection arrange
an behalf of you

Car repair, by professional
winter / summer tire changes

sell / purchase used cars
kfz registration, numberplates, car
insurance support

BBS wheel purchase in
cheap prices as BBS
official dealer
(from EUR 1100 for BBS
SX including Bridgstone

Please contact us here in EN:
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